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StudentsВнешняя оценка учебных достижений в высшем образовании (ВОУД ВО)

External assessment of educational achievements in higher education (EAEA HE)

The National System of Education Quality Assessment of the Republic of Kazakhstan provides external and internal assessment of educational achievements of students.

Since 2004 a mechanism of external control of knowledge quality has been introduced - intermediate state control of students 2 (3) year university students. In case educational organizations did not gain the minimum result determined by the Ministry of Education and Science, they are subject to extraordinary state certification. Such control has played a positive role and fulfilled his task.

Due to the fact that the adoption of the State Program of Education Development for 2011-2020 and in accordance with the Law of the Republic "On Education", in the 2011-2012 academic year an external assessment of educational achievements (EAEA) was introduced.

EAEA HE is aimed to assess the monitoring of the quality of educational services, as well as to determine the level of development of learners volume of academic disciplines, provided by the state mandatory standards of higher education (SES) or the model curricula (TUP) in the field for the graduates.

EAEA HE tasks are as follows:

1) monitoring the educational achievements of the students;

2) assessment of the effectiveness of the educational process;

3) a comparative analysis of the quality of educational services provided by educational organizations.

EAEA is introduced in stages. EAEA HE is held for students enrolled in all forms of education in higher education institutions, regardless of ownership and departmental subordination.

EAEA HE is carried out on the basis of the list of specialties in higher education and higher education institutions, determined by the authorized body every year.

In 2014, EAEA was conducted on 67 specialties in 6 fields:

  • Law - 3 specialties;

  • Social Sciences, Economics and Business - 6 specialties;

  • Science - 12 specialties;

  • Agricultural sciences - 12 specialties;

  • Engineering and Technology - 28 specialties;

  • Health and social welfare - 6 specialties.

Test items used in cycles of basic and core curriculum of SES or SEP. 

EAEA is conducted in the form of complex testing for 4 disciplines within the deadline set by the authority.

The number of tests in each discipline is 25. Duration of testing is 150 minutes (2.5 hours).

The control over compliance with the rules on the EAEA HE in educational institutions is carried out by the territorial bodies of the Committee for Control of Education and Science and the Ministry of authorized representatives of Ministry in basic universities.

The EAEA results will be used by the organizations conducting ranking research.