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StudentsКомплексное тестирование для студентов переводящихся из зарубежных ВУЗ-ов в ВУЗ РК (переводники) (спецификации тестов)

Complex testing for students transferring from foreign university to university in RK

In accordance with the Rules of transfer and resume studies of students by type of educational organization, individuals, who obtained general secondary (general secondary) and technical and vocational education in the Republic of Kazakhstan, for a transfer or resuming studies from a foreign university must provide a certificate of unified national testing or complex testing with a score of not less than set threshold score.

In this regard, for this category of citizens comprehensive testing was conducted on 25-26 January, 2014 in 20 universities, as well as  on August 25-28, 2014 in 18 universities.

The acceptance of applications for participation in complex testing was carried out in the university, where a candidate planned to further education.

Testing is conducted in four subjects, the total number of tests - 100:

1. Kazakh or Russian language (the language of instruction) - 25 test items;

2. Mathematics - 25 test items;

3. History of Kazakhstan - 25 test items;

4. Elective subject, depending on the specialty.

Following the results of the test, each participant receives a certificate indicating the score in all subjects.

In the case of the required number of points and compliance with other requirements of the transfer, students will be able to transfer from a foreign university to university of RK.

Normative references:

Transition rules and resume studies of students by type of educational organization