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StudentsКомплексное тестирование в период государственной аттестаций вузов (КТ ГА ВУЗ) (спецификации тестов)

Complex Testing under state attestation of higher education institution (CT SA HEI)

State certification of universities is conducted to monitor compliance of educational services, the requirements of state educational standards (SES).

State certification of the universities, regardless of departmental subordination and forms of ownership, is carried out by the Committee for Control of Education and Science of RK.

State certification of organizations for medical and pharmaceutical education is carried out by the authorized body in the field of health.

State certification of the universities is held once every five years in a planned manner.

One of the stages of state certification is the assessment of students' knowledge. In order to determine the compliance of the quality of students' knowledge with the requirements SES or standard curriculum (SC) Attestation Commission held control of knowledge and skills of students of final years (in case of their absence - senior rates). It uses the technology of complex testing of students. The NTC representatives are included to the Certification Commission for testing.

Academic sections provides a list of specialties for the comprehensive testing at state attestaion (CTSA). This list of courses approved by the competent authority in the field of education. CTSA held on 4 basic and majors entering into a mandatory component of SES or SC.

The number of test items in each discipline - 30. Total number of test items - 120. STCA duration - 180 minutes (3 hours).

STCA was held with the participation in it of not less than 95% of the payroll of a contingent of students, subject to the control of knowledge.

The grading scale in KTGA (percentage) is defined as follows:

"Excellent" - 90-100%;

"Good" - 75-89%;

"Satisfactory" - 50-74%;

"Unsatisfactory" - less than 50% of correct answers on the number of questions in the test material.

One of the criteria for the decision "certify" the results of KTGA specialty is: 70% positive grades of the students in this specialty.