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Annual International Conference ІІІ of Eurasian Association for Educational Quality Assessment November, 7-8 of 2014

Annual International Conference III of Eurasian Association for Educational Quality Assessment on the theme “Aspects and areas of development of national systems for educational quality assessment” was held by National Testing Center in consort with Association on November, 7-8 of 2014 in Astana.

Kazakh, Russian and foreign specialists, experts and researches, working in the area of educational quality assessment took part at this conference.

Total number of registered participants made 60 people from 8 countries: Republic of Kazakhstan, Russian Federation, Tatarstan, Yakutia, Republic of Tadjikistan, Czech Republic, Republic of Belarus, Kyrgyz Republic.

The conference work included plenary meetings, international and regional sections with participation of representatives from CIS countries, and also from leading  international organizations, educational improvement institutes.

Topical issues in the field of educational quality assessment had been discussed and participants submitted next presentations during the conference: T.Zh. Intymakov (NTC) “External valuation of educational achievements, status and prospects”, G.S. Primbetova (NTC) “Psychometric analyze of testing results in the frame of EVEA-2014”, V. Bolotov, President of Association (Russian Federation) “Several aspects of national system development of school education quality assessment in CIS countries: expert review”, O.A. Reshetnikova (Russian Federation) “Tasks and perspectives of national exams systems’ development in Russian Federation”, L.A. Hudenko (Republic of Belarus) “Status and perspectives of development of general secondary education quality assessment in Republic of Belarus”, D. Peshek (Czech Republic) “Results of pilot project on using of Bright Light tool in Kazakhstan in favor of school support improvement”.