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АбитуриентамИнформация об итогах проведения КТА

Information on CTA results

Complex testing of applicants was conducted between 17 and 23 July, 2014 at the 36 universities of the country.

Besides, applicationd were admitted and complex testing of applicants was conducted in the three national universities of art.

According to the rules of admission of graduates of technical and vocational, post-secondary education (colleges) for admission to institutions of higher education on related specialties on reduced time training are required to undergo complex testing procedure.

In the complex testing participated 84203applicants (including 1,098 applicants in universities and military academies of art), including 57,089 applicants (67,80%) in Kazakh language , in Russian - 27114 (32,20%). Among 84203applicants, participating in the complex testing, 16021 applicants are high school graduates of previous years, 21,270 students are graduates of TVET that came on the basis of 11-grade and graduates 46912 TVET, who completed 9 grade at school.

The greatest number of students who took comprehensive testing in the following basic institutions of higher education is as follows:

1. M.Auezov South-Kazakhstan State University. - 5960;

2. Korkytata Kyzylorda State University - 4394;

3. K.Satbaev Kazakh National Technical University - 4365;

4. M. Utemisov West Kazakhstan State University - 4138;

5. Sh.Ualikhanov Kokshetau State University -4194. 

Based on the results of complex testing 56016 (66,52%) of the applicants scored at least 50 points (taking into account the applicants for creative specialties and participating in two disciplines of the CTA) or 55095 (65,43%) applicants (excluding the applicants for creative specialties and participating in two disciplines of the CTA).

8612 applicants (10,23 %) received between 50 and 59 points. 7083 applicants (8,41 %) received between 60 and 70 points. 10203 applicants (12,12 %) received between 71 and 90 points. 2289 applicants, which amounts to 2,72% from the total number of test takers, received more than 90 points. 9 applicants showed the highest result by receiving, on the results of the test, 100 points.

The average CTA grade point in the republic was 44,9 points.