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АбитуриентамИнформация об итогах проведения конкурса образовательных грантов

Awarding educational grants

The meeting of Republican competition committee for awarding educational grants based on UNT and CTA results was held between 4 and 6 August, 2014.

Total number of applications participated in the competition for educational grants amounted to 69625, of which 52,198 for Kazakh instruction and 17427 for Russian instruction. 

For participation in the competition for awarding educational grants 28,790 applicants submitted from rural areas, among them on general competition 6083 and 5223 by 30% quota were awarded a grant.

1194submitted statements of nonresidents of the Republic of Kazakhstan of Kazakh ethnicity, including 167 students in general competition 555 by 2% quota received grants;

355 applications were submitted by invalids of I and II groups, disabled since childhood and children with disabilities, among them 100 students received a grant on the general competition and 235 by 1% quota;

5 applications were submitted by the individuals equated on privileges and guarantees to war veterans and disabled veterans, where all five applicants were awarded  grants for a 0,5% quota; 

426 applications were submitted by orphans and the children deprived of parental care, among them in general competition 104 applicants and 251 to 1% quota were awarded grants. 

Graduates of 820 schools (with the number of graduates more than 5) did not receive any grant.

The lists of holders of educational grants in the context of forms of learning, language departments and specialties were published in the newspapers "Egemen Kazakhstan" and "Kazakhstanskaya Pravda".

According to the results of the republican competition, the largest number of holders of educational grants are in the following regions:

  • South-Kazakhstan region - 7067;

  • Almaty city – 3146;

  • Almaty region - 2635;

  • East-Kazakhstan region – 2349;

  • Zhambyl region – 1771.

The lowest number falls on the following regions:

  • Mangistau region – 449;

  • Atyrau region - 561;

  • North Kazakhstan region – 588.

The largest number of educational grants received in the following universities:

  • L.N. Gumilyov Eurasian National University – 3097; 

  • Al-Farabi Kazakh National University – 2748; 

  • Kazakh National Technical University after K.I. Satpayev – 2413; 

  • M.O. Auezov South Kazakhstan State University – 1799; 

  • S.Seifullin Kazakh AgroTechnical University – 1264. 

Thus, out of 69,625 test takers, 29862 were awarded educational grants. The share of rural schools amount to 11356 educational grants or 38,03%.