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Information about UNT results

For participation in the UNT in the Republic, 92,086 graduates the applied for the UNT that makes 72,49% of the total number of graduates of secondary education. Among them: in Kazakh language - 63603 (74,88%), in Russian language - 28483 (67,66%). 87564 graduates out of the whole number of applicants took the UNT. For violation of the rules of conduct and the use of prohibited items, 29 graduates were expelled during testing resulting the cancelation of their test results.

Thus, 87564 school graduates or 68,93% of the total number took the UNT in 2014. Among them, 61,654 graduates in Kazakh language, 25910 graduates in Russian. The total number of secondary schools participated in the UNT amounts to 5037 schools.

The proportion of participants the UNT of the total number of graduates who applied to participate in the testing was the highest in regions such as South-Kazakhstan - 99,07%, Zhambyl - 98,67%, Atyrau - 98,22% of the area. The low proportion of UNT participants is observed in schools in the city of Almaty - 83,26%, among students in Republic schools - 88,04%, Kostanai region - 90%.

On the results of the UNT (on competitive subjects) 20232 graduates or received from 0 to 49, which is 23,11% of the total number of the UNT participants, i.e. they showed a level of knowledge below the threshold (in 2013 27457 or 28,77% of the UNT test takers did not overcome the threshold).

The average UNT results in the republic was 62,51 points on competitive subjects (in 2013, 59.56 points).

On competitive subjects over ninety points scored 4660 graduates that makes 5,32% of the total number.

Between 50 and 59 points scored 17949 graduates or 20,5%. Between 60 and 70 points scored 20401 graduates or 23,3 %. 24322 graduates or 27,78% of the total test scored between 71 and 89 points.

4 graduates showed the highest result, gaining 125 points in 4 CPUNT: Marat A.Zh. - 704 Kazakh National Pedagogical University Abai,  Abdizhapar A.B.- 704 International Education Corporation, Ahmetzhanova Sh. A. - 741 South Kazakhstan State Pharmaceutical Academy, Yerzhanova U.E. - 853 Temirlan, South Kazakhstan.