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АбитуриентамПробное тестирование для подготовки ЕНТ и КТА

UNT and CTA Trial testing

One of the basic methods of increasing the level of preparation of graduates for UNT, CTA and their awareness of testing technology is a trial test, which is conducted on the basis of CPUNT (branches of the National Testing Center). In many PPUNT trial testing is conducted under the conditions as close possible to those that will be created during the UNT, CTA using classroom fund involved at UNT and CTA.

Participation in the trial testing is carried out at the request of the graduates on a voluntary basis. Trial testing allows those who wish to assess their level of knowledge and preparedness for the upcoming test.

College graduates applying for the university, regardless of the form of further training, will be required to pass complex test.

To prepare for a complex testing, college graduates can also take trial testing or purchase training manuals in any convenient NTC branch. According to the Price list for additional services during the test control of knowledge in educational organizations, the cost of the individual trial testing of school-graduates and applicants - 351 tenge, the cost of training manuals for enrollment in higher education institutions - 414 tenge.