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International Relations

International cooperation

Since 2007 National Testing Center is a member of the International Association for assessment the quality of education (International Association for Educational Assessment, IAEA). IAEA was established in 1975 in New Jersey, US.

The objectives of the organization are:

1. The improvement the links between organizations involved in the assessment of academic knowledge through the exchange of experiences in conferences and publications; providing structural work, which organizes joint research, training and projects.

2.Cooperation in technology assessment in finding the most suitable solutions to the problems of education.

3. Participation in the activities to improve the evaluation of technologies and their implementation in the educational structure of the participating countries.

The Association holds annual conferences in various countries. Topics conferences in recent years:

  • 38th International Conference of IAEA - 2012, Astana, Kazakhstan. Subject: "Modeling the assessment procedure with a view to a positive impact on individuals and the organization of education." NTC presented 6 papers.
  • 39th International Conference of IAEA - 2013 of Tel Aviv (State of Israel).Theme: "Assessment in Education: Technology Assessment in Education." NTC presented 3 papers.
  • 40th International Conference IAEA - 2014, Republic of Singapore. Theme: "Assessing innovation of the 21st century." NTC submitted a report 1.

NTC since 2013 a member of Eurasian Association on Educational Assessment (EAOKO).

EAOKO as a form of institutional association of experts and organizations in the sphere of education quality assessment and CIS countries, was established in June 2012 in order to consolidate, expand and promote the expertise of the CIS countries in the field of assessing the quality of education, as well as the dissemination of the experience of education quality assessment in Eurasia.

I Annual EAOKO international conference in 2012 was held in Moscow, Russian Federation. Theme: "Integration, partnership, innovation in the field of assessing the quality of education"

II International Conference EAOKO in 2013 was held in Minsk, Belarus. Subject: "Monitoring of school education - Prospects intercountry cooperation".

III International Conference EAOKO in 2014 was held in Astana, Kazakhstan. Theme: "Features and directions of development of national systems of education quality assessment".

International cooperation in the same way in the framework of bilateral agreements and memorandums.

In 2007 the agreement on cooperation in the field of assessing the quality of education was signed between the NTC and the State Commission for Student Admission of Azerbaijan Republic, the National Accreditation Agency in the field of Education and the NTC.

On November 15, 2013 between the National Testing Center and the Center for TOMER (Republic of Turkey, Ankara, Gazi University, and Center for teaching, research and practice of the Turkish language) signed a memorandum of cooperation.

Under the memorandum two workshops for KAZTEST developers and system experts were held.

In 2014, Memorandum of Cooperation between the National Research University "Higher School of Economics" and NTC was signed. The memorandum training seminars: Between17 and 18 March 2014 theme: "Methods of constructing test items" Between March 31and April 3, 2014 on the theme: "The statistical treatment of test results and analysis of the results".

November 6, 2014 on the theme "Development of national systems of quality assessment of school education in an international context".

Good cooperation is also imposed with such renowned centers as the Institute for Education Measurement (CITO, the Netherlands and Educational Testing Service (ETS, USA). In cooperation implemented several projects to improve the skills of specialists NTC. In the period 17- 20 February 2014 Henny Taks, expert of Cito International (Netherlands) held a seminar.  Theme of the Seminar: "Basic Principles for the introduction of computer-based testing", 3 - 4 December, 2014 NTC employees participated in the seminar "Computer testing and psychometric analysis of the test results" in Arnem city (Netherlands).