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National Testing Center

National Testing Center

National Testing Center of Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan (hereinafter referred to as “NTC”) was established on 25 November 1992 № 5-16р by the Decree of Prime Ministry of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The main objective of NTC is organizational and technical support for improving quality in further education system of the Republic of Kazakhstan, implementation of new model of student contingent formation.

NTC controls the quality of knowledge of pupils, students, applicants for master’s degree and PhD applicants as well as monitoring of the education system and formation of student contingent for higher educational institutions of Kazakhstan by the Common National Testing and Complex Testing of Applicants. The Center carries out intermediate state education control in secondary and higher education establishments, research studies regarding national assessment system of education quality.

Since 2006 National Testing Center has worked on implementation the assessment system of Kazakh language proficiency – KAZTEST. The system KAZTEST is the national system for state language proficiency assessment of citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan and foreign citizens engaged in various activities on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan.